Upon opening, visitors to our Wonders Center & Science Museum can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of ancient marine predators that once occupied our oceans.

We received a very special delivery today here in Dickson, Tennessee at our new facility.

Ministry friends and colleagues have donated a 6-foot model of a Deinosuchus head that is going on display at the Center. Deinosuchus comes from the Greek meaning “Terrible Crocodile”.

To learn more about Deinosuchus and other fascinating marine monsters, check out the book “Dragons of the Deep” in the Creation Superstore.

Dragons of the Deep Book

Dragons of the Deep: Ocean Monsters Past and Present

This one-of-a-kind book will thrill Christians and non-Christians alike, with its emphasis on ancient “sea monsters,” those fearsome and marvelous creatures that once roamed the oceans. From the predator Mosasaurus, called the ocean equivalent of T. Rex, to the gigantic turtle Archelon, the beasts who glided through the planet’s oceans no doubt were the inspiration for ancient sightings by mariners who described fantastic encounters on the open ocean.

Wieland’s riveting text and easy descriptions are complemented by the beautiful full-color illustrations by acclaimed artist Darrell Wiskur. Readers will be amazed that these complex, huge beasts actually lived. The author provides a thoroughly biblical analysis of them as well, insisting that these “dragons of the sea” came into existence during the creation week as outlined in Genesis.


Details for Dragons of the Deep

Format: Hardback
Page Count: 80
Audience:  Elementary School Children


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