About Wonders Center

Declaring the wonders of God’s handiwork.

Just 35 minutes from Downtown Nashville, founded by David Rives Ministries, the Wonders Center & Science Museum is the largest science museum in the world that upholds biblical values. Driven by Christian principles, each exhibit is designed to inspire visitors as it highlights wonders in the fields of science and history.

Our purpose is to highlight amazing design in anatomy, astronomy, physics, mathematics, biology, and more. By studying these things closely, visitors will see how this design reveals God’s fingerprints throughout the universe. There really is evidence for the God of the Bible, and a closer look at the natural world around us only brings us closer to this truth, and ultimately the Gospel message. For over a decade, David Rives Ministries has been the global leader in origins-related media, producing award-winning documentaries and television shows.

Since 2015, the ministry has operated Genesis Science Network, a 24/7 television network airing Christian shows and programming, including nature documentaries, science shows, children’s content, and more – all from a Christian perspective. The Wonders Center houses the operations base, television studios, and production offices. The Genesis Network airs in select terrestrial locations and can be viewed free on Roku, FireTV, and online at GenesisScienceNetwork.com

Visitors to The Wonders Center & Science Museum will experience replicas of life-size dinosaurs, hands-on experiments for children, space-themed exhibits, and a rare historical collection of artifacts, including ancient Biblical scrolls. This museum is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Housed in an 85-foot-tall spherical dome, our 140-seat Heavens Declare Planetarium allows visitors to experience the cosmos in real-time as well as view shows with groundbreaking visual effects.